Close Grenade Exchange With Daesh on the Lebanese Border

first published on June 15, 2017 by

A close infantry fight within grenade range unfolds during a video from last summer. Highlighting Hezbollah’s regular military aid to the SAA as it successfully cleared the final pockets of ISIS from along the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah has been a crucial ally of the Assad regime for several years now. Already an established terrorist group backed by Iran at the beginning of the Syrian conflict, it quickly grew into one of the most dangerous and proficient actors on the complicated battlefield. Effectively fighting both the Islamic State and Free Syrian Army (including US backed groups) at the behest of the Assad regime.

Last Summer, the SAA and its allies cleared large swaths of the borders and deserts along Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, turning much of the map “Red” by recapturing vast territory and trapping both its FSA and ISIS adversaries into encircled pockets of resistance. With the FSA trapped at locations like At Tanf and Idlib, and the Islamic State bottled up in central Syria, the SAA drove on Deir Ezzor with the goal of cutting ISIS supply and communication lines between Syria and Iraq.

This video likely took place somewhere along the Lebanese border. Close to Hezbollah’s home turf. They produced a string of propaganda videos highlighting these operations against militants in this region. The Hezbollah element is clearing across a hilly, yet barren feature, advancing towards the enemy positions.

At times taking heavy fire, they advance within grenade range. Now just a few meters apart, an ISIS militant in full view throws a grenade at the Hezbollah attackers. The GoPro wearing fighter hastily moves away from the grenade and takes cover. He then throws back a grenade, detonating just a few feet away. Unfortunately, there is a video edit and we are unable to see the result of this incredible close action. The video continues and concludes with the Hezbollah element clearing along another barren hilltop, as round after round skips off the rocks in a thrilling torrent of pings and zings.

Bolstered by Iranian and Syrian arms, Hezbollah remains an unsettling regional threat to this day. Hopefully, they’ll eventually antagonize too much, and later be obliterated by, the Israeli’s. Until then, this is one of those “Bad guys killing bad guys” videos.