Green Beret Acquitted For Shooting and Killing Intruder

first published on June 27, 2017 by

An El Paso County, Colorado jury found Green Beret Michael J. Galvin not guilty of negligent homicide after he confronted and fatally shot intruder Robert Carrigan on Nov. 3, 2015.


According to the reports, Galvin saw his bike laying in his yard, although it was supposed to be in his detached garage. He went to investigate and discovered Carrigan, a reported drug addict, in the dwelling. During the confrontation, Carrigan lunged for Galvin’s pistol, at which point Galvin fatally shot him three times in the back.

The prosecutors made the case that Galvin should have stayed in his home and called the police, rather than confronting the drug addict that was stealing his possessions, or held him at gunpoint. Yet, Galvin’s defense attorneys fired back that he was highly trained and was able to identify a deadly threat.

A a seven woman, five-man jury rejected the charges, and one of the jurors was seen wearing a red shirt that had “Army” printed across it to the verdict reading.