GRAPHIC: Idiot With Machine Gun Sprays Into Crowd Of More Idiots

first published on April 7, 2017 by

A video reportedly out of Gaza shows a crowd of Palestinians conducting some sort of ceremonial fire with machine guns, which results in multiple people being wounded, and at least one man apparently dead as the result of a headshot.


Morons begin firing into the air, and rather than seeking the safety of hard cover, other idiots begin to gather around the spectacle and shout like upset monkeys at a zoo. The weapon operator is clearly not proficient with the weapon as he has multiple misfires, and at one point, has to set the gun down and perform some sort of corrective action.

Soon, he’s back in business and looking cool. He decides to one-arm shoot the weapon into the sky, and after some cyclic fire, he can no longer keep control. The still-firing machine gun drops parallel to the ground and deadly bullets spray into the crowd.

One idiot takes a shot directly through the face. His body is completely limp. He has expired. Another moron appears to have been been shot in the hand. The party is over.


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