Graphic: How ISIS Bodies Are Removed From The Streets In Marawi

first published on November 30, 2017 by

During the Battle for Marawi, The Armed Forces of the Philippines took drastic action to protect themselves against Islamic State traps.

It is common place when dealing with extremist organizations to run into improvised explosive devices. These can range from roadside bombs hidden in dead animals and under the road to booby-trapped dead or dying people. These terror organizations have been operating at full capacity for a very long time, and there is no shortage of material for them to consume that teaches them to build extreme devices of destruction that can maim and kill the Soldiers that come into contact with them. Their dedication to their cause means that they are fully prepared to, and often volunteer for, duties that involve using their own bodies as explosive devices to defeat their enemy.

marawi 10

The ISIS affiliate organization operating in the Philippines is no exception, and a video was recently released showing the destruction of a dying Islamic State fighter laying in the streets of Marawi. There was minor controversy surrounding the video, but it was dwarfed by other human rights violations from both Government forces and the affiliated Islamic State fighters that were captured and those took precedence when it comes to mainstream attention. The video, which is graphic in nature, shows the clearance of an Islamic State fighter from a street that government forces are trying to advance through via the use of a high explosive round.

Marawi 72

The intent of the round is to sympathetically detonate any explosives that the fighter may be concealing. It is unclear on the status of the individual fighter lying in the street before the round is fired, hence the controversy as the shot could be seen as an execution by government forces. Knowing the way that the Islamic State operates however, it is fairly obvious that other bodies had been encountered during the battle that were booby-trapped. This may have become standard operating procedure due to the lack of easily accessible E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) technicians in the area.

What are your thoughts on this video? Do you feel it was necessary to remove the injured Islamic State Fighter in a manner that would sympathetically detonate any explosives he may be concealing, or do you think they should have taken the risk to investigate the injured man closer? Let us know in the comments section on Facebook.