This Video Contains Scenes Of Graphic Awesomeness – Viewer Discretion Advised

first published on June 2, 2017 by

Members of Delta Force conduct training and operations in this video full of awesomeness. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Seriously.

It’s Friday, and you look like you need something to get you pumped up and motivated for the weekend. This video will get you ready for all of the insane stuff you’re about to do now that the weather has finally turned around. So before you head out, and hit the lakes, light the barbecues, and crack open the bottles, watch this video to get yourself psyched up.

Warning, this video contains scenes of graphic awesomeness. Viewer discretion is seriously advised. We are not responsible for any beer can crushing, broken bones, gunshot wounds, or STDs that you contract after you have finished watching this video of these amazing operators operating operationally in their individual areas of operation.

Have a kick ass weekend.


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