Moderate Head Chopper Records Gory Final Message While Bleeding Out

first published on December 16, 2016 by

A moderate rebel records a final gory message while he bleeds out from having his leg blown off. War is hell for everyone involved.

In the beginning, they will tell you that you are fighting for a cause. Your country, your religion, your people, your very life is what is at stake. You’ll get all pumped up on how the other guy is the bad guy, and how war and death will be the solvency to all of the problems that face your country.

What they wont show you is this. An extremely graphic video of your enemy dying in a pool of his own blood, confused, scared, and in shock waiting for his body and brain to catch up with the fact that he is actually dead. Should you feel sorry for an individual like this?

Probably, but the one thing they got right was it was your very life that was at stake. When it comes to me or him making a video like this, I will choose him over me every single time. Let him bleed out in a pile of his own feces, I’m going home at the end of all of this madness.

War is an ugly, nasty thing. Next time someone tries to glorify the action of war, you show them this piece of footage to remind them. In war, there are no winners. Only survivors.

Warning: This video contains extremely graphic content which may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.


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