GoPro Mashup: Syrian Rebels Capture SAA Base Near Damascus

first published on November 19, 2017 by

In the past few days Syrian rebels Ahrar al-Sham capture SAA armored vehicle base east of Damascus. GoPro mashup video captures the battle from multiple militant perspectives.

A mashup of several videos appearing to show Ahrar al-Sham and its allies launch a new offensive against the SAA in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta. Breaking an established cease-fire agreement for the area, the Islamist militants claim to have seized the SAA base and rekindled violence inside the rebel pocket. Adding yet another kinetic front to the overstretched SAA, these allies of Al-Qaeda will probably further diminish or at least slow the SAA’s offensive power against the numerous rebel held territories throughout Syria.

gopro mashup

However, despite this alleged success, this video feels noticeable reminiscent of rebel propaganda from a few years ago. These Ahrar al-Sham fighters appear far less competent than many of the other rebel and militant groups currently operating in Syria. While the various militaries, militias, and militant groups have adapted and improved over the past five years of combat in Syria, with Ahrar al-Sham we see systematically idiotic weapons handling, absurd over the head spray-and-prays, and one guy pathetically getting owned by his PKM machine gun. Yes, Ahrar al-Sham may have temporarily captured the armored vehicle base. But this will only last until the SAA is able to bring in an experienced, battle-hardened unit to retake the area.


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