GoPro: M1A1 Abrams Chews Up ISIS Infantry Positions

first published on March 25, 2016 by

An Iraqi Abrams with a GoPro mounted on the front of it moves from position to position chewing up ISIS infantry positions in Tharthar, Iraq.

The Iraqi Army has been making drastic moves on Daesh held territory over the past few months. A combination of coalition airstrikes, Daesh being over extended on all fronts, and the aggressiveness brought to the fight by Shia militias and the Kurds are leading to large scale victories for Iraq.

This video, shot in Tharthar, Iraq, is just one more example of the Daesh front line being crushed. ISIS infantry positions get chewed up by an Iraqi M1A1 Abrams tank as it advances deeper and deeper into their territory. Expect to see more footage like this, as Daesh continues to get destroyed on every front.


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