Graphic Close Combat GoPro: Kurds Violently Raid Turkish Outpost

first published on June 1, 2019 by

Kurdish fighters donning a GoPro camera violently raid a Turkish outpost being constructed purportedly in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. Captured in vivid detail, they kill at least one soldier in extremely close combat.

A recently released GoPro video allegedly from late May, captures a deadly attack by Kurdish militants of the Kurdish People’s Defense Forces (HPG) – also known as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – in the Kurdish controlled region of northern Iraq. Several Kurds sneak up to the unfinished outer perimeter and patiently wait for an opportune moment to strike. Finally, a lone Turk fatally wanders out of a completed bunker, springing the HPG fighters into action.

The Kurd immediately turns the corner from his concealed position and begins pumping AK rounds at minimal distance into the unsuspecting and completely exposed soldier. The Turk desperately tries to get away, but has absolutely no chance given the deadly situation. The Kurds suppress the bunker still occupied by the Turks and quickly grab the dead soldier’s rifle before retreating.

Graphic Content Warning: This video contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some viewers.