GoPro of Idiotic Jihadi Squad Being Slowly Wiped Out

first published on February 22, 2019 by

A thrilling GoPro video of a moronic assault captures the final few minutes of a group of jihadists in bloody detail. The squad is slowly wiped out in front of the militant cameraman who proves to be the world’s worst PKM gunner and even manages to film his own death.

The video opens in the unnervingly claustrophobic and smoky confines of a noisy old BMP. Slowly advancing towards an unseen enemy position and already under heavy fire, it’s basically a sardine can full of jihadists. It abruptly stops, and the roughly squad-sized element squeeze through the tiny rear hatches. The PKM wielding cameraman and his extremist buddies instantly bolt for the characteristic defensive berm surrounding most defensive fortifications seen in the Middle East.

Attempting to consolidate on the berm, explosions, possible mortars or incoming RPG’s begin raining down around them and immediately add to the growing confusion. Amidst this smoky mayhem, the ancient BMP can be heard lumbering off but oddly never supports the inserted infantry with its heavy weapons.

The attack begins to stall on the berm, while two elevated bunkers ominously loom on the militant’s right flank. They begin to haphazardly suppress them, and it appears some grenades are exchanged. But no direct action is ever taken to fully clear them and prevent their reoccupation. They then shift their attention to the interior of the outpost and remain frozen behind the berm, foolishly believing the surprisingly close bunkers are unoccupied.

After a brief lull, some of the defenders unsurprisingly manage to make their way back to these forward bunkers and catch the militants by violent surprise. Machine gun fire suddenly rips through the unsuspecting jihadists, killing several and scattering the rest. They rush to meet this unexpected threat and the PKM gunner, who has not fired a single round yet, finally gets in the game. After a meager two bursts by the cameraman, the enemy gunner locates him and immediately wreaks havoc.

The cameraman goes down with an audible and whimpish groan, peppered by incoming rounds and the dusty spray of kicked up sand. Awkwardly tangled on the ground in his PKM and AK slings, his survival instinct kicks in after several minutes of total impotence and he begins to fire back at the defenders over the growing pile of his dead buddies.

He finally realizes that hugging the berm is proving absolutely deadly and seeks cover in an impact crater a few meters away. Desperately engaging the bunkers along with the other few surviving jihadists, they appear completely abandoned and their options severely limited. Another lull arises, and cameraman again attempts to get the PKM back in working order. However, this just leads to him ineptly fumbling with the weapon while his comrades draw more enemy fire and are again driven back.

He finally gets off a single shot before another maddening malfunction and alerting the defenders to his exact position. Extended machine gun bursts now continuously snap over his head as he once again attempts remedial action. He again peers over the berm one final time and gets off one last round before a well-aimed shot strikes him. He staggers back and waves to his extremist buddy, head noticeable wavering. The video concludes, like many of these jihadist GoPro’s, with the militant slowly tipping back and likely dying of his wounds.

Graphic Content Warning: This video contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some viewers.