Graphic New GoPro Footage of a Brutal & Close-Range Kurdish Ambush

first published on June 26, 2017 by

A new brutal and close-range GoPro propaganda video has been released by Kurdish People’s Defense Forces (HPG). The Kurds purportedly ambush Turkish troops conducting a mine/IED sweep in the rolling hills of southeastern Turkey, killing one and accidentally letting one escape at thrillingly minimal distance.

Three Kurdish fighters conceal themselves in grassy micro-terrain hidden along the edge of a ridgeline trail. Perfectly camouflaged in their distinctive HPG drab green and muted regalia, they lie flat in the lush greenery patiently awaiting a Turkish patrol. A mine-sweeper walking point and his security meticulously enters the nearby and established kill-zone, just a few meters from the trio of Kurds.

The GoPro donning HPG fighter opens fire on the preoccupied Turk manning the handheld mine-sweeper. Possible further disconnected from the danger by the device’s connected audio headset, the Turkish soldier amazingly stands there as the Kurd engages him. Luckily for the unsuspecting soldier, the Kurdish fighter botches the easy kill and after three AK bursts either miss or hit body armor, the Turk manages to escape.

Now lunging from his hiding place, the HPG fighter breaks cover and pursues the fleeing soldier. A fellow Kurd and the cameraman successfully engages the mine-sweeper’s deadly slow immediate security, gruesomely finishing the job with an up-close headshot. However, this leaves the Kurdish fighter exposed in the open terrain and Turkish troops in the rear begin to respond. He takes heavy fire while scrambling back to cover.

The three HPG fighter’s and the Turkish positions now settle into a suppressive back and forth, trading accurate fire with each other for a few tense minutes. After several close calls and machine gun fire endlessly snapping overhead, the telltale clatter of explosive impacts from either a MK-19 or AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher is ominously heard. Luckily for the Kurd’s these launched grenades are initially aimed at another ridgeline to their rear – but after several disconcerting multi-round bursts, discretion becomes the better part of valor. The Kurds quit while they’re ahead and swiftly retreat down the preestablished egress route concluding the video.

See this month’s earlier HPG GoPro release of an amazing and ferocious close quarters ambush here.

Graphic Content Warning: This video contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some viewers.


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