GoPro: CH-53 Crash in South Korea Almost Kills Marine

first published on January 24, 2019 by

A CH-53 transporting Marines from 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, makes a hard landing. As the Ch-53 breaks apart, debris is sent flying.

Hard Helo

Marines from 1st Battalion 3rd Marines are taking part in a training exercise in Korea. As the CH-53 that was transporting them comes into drop off another load of Marines, it makes a hard landing.

A group of Marines who were recording the insert look on as the aircraft tilts, and breaks apart sending debris flying everywhere. At 1:14 exactly, you can both see (upper right hand corner), and hear a piece of the broken rotor fly just meters above their heads.

From the user who anonymously submitted this video to us.

The bird was on it’s 3rd run delivering Marines from Bravo company, 1/3, into an area just south of the North/South Korean border for a training excercise. The first run was CAAT 3, Weapons Company, hauling their .50’s for support. The Blackhawks were for security, and there were ROK Marines as well, which are in the video. Well, the bird landed hard and tipped over, cutting into the ground and breaking the tail off from the main body. CAAT 3 and the scout sniper platoon in the area ran in to get the guys out. It was leaking fuel badly, and caught fire shortly after. Amazingly, no one died. One pilot was in pretty bad shape, and there were a few broken bones here and there, but just a bunch of cuts and bruises all around. This happened around the same time as the Boston Bombing, so it only caught a minute or two of news time.

His primary concern was the overall lack of an investigation on this particular crash.


When doing a simple Google search for this particular crash in South Korea, there wasn’t a lot of readily available information. It doesn’t appear that there were any investigations into what may have caused this crash.

Fortunately enough, when this fully loaded CH-53 crashed, not a single person was killed.