GoPro Footage of Al-Qaeda Operating in Syria

first published on December 22, 2017 by

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), or the most recent branding of Al-Qaeda in Syria, stages an attack against a purported SAA outpost. Their media wing releasing a short GoPro mashup from several perspectives and showcasing well-equipped fighters on the offensive.

A HTS propaganda video from several months ago features a swift raid against an alleged SAA outpost by a well-equipped and organized dismounted element. The dozen or so HTS fighters donning multi-cam uniforms and brandishing AK-74’s, among several other slick looking weapons, cautiously take up positions along a wall just a short distance from the large outpost.

Once set in along the numerous loopholes and openings in the wall, HTS initiates the attack with a rocket at near point-blank range. It explodes in a large fireball signaling to the rest of the HTS militants to open fire. They quickly erupt with suppressive fire at close range and likely startle the SAA position.

Surprise and fire superiority established, three HTS fighters move closer to the multi-storied building and take cover behind a pile of rubble. They continue to suppress and begin throwing hand grenades into the enemy position. Forward of their own line and more exposed then the militants behind the wall, fire increases around this now precarious position. The trio of HTS remain in the forward position after several close calls noticeable kick up debris around them.

The propaganda GoPro ends quickly – unfortunately concluding without a BDA or any context for the outcome of the raid. What is evidently clear, is that HTS is capable of fielding well-equipped and well-drilled units on the Syrian battlefield. With the near total destruction of brutish ISIS and the consolidation of Syria looming, the SAA will have its hands full with this powerful al-Qaeda threat.


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