GoPro: 12 Minute Firefight Ends When A-10 Engages Taliban Fighters

first published on February 5, 2019 by

3rd Platoon, D Company 2-5IN, 3/1AD in the Jaghatu District, Wardak, Afghanistan are ambushed by Taliban fighters during a key leader engagement.


Members of 3rd pllatoon, D Company 2-5in, 3/1AD in the Jaghatu District, Wardak, Afghanistan find themselves on the receiving end of a complex ambush from Taliban fighters as they meet with a village elder. The Taliban fighters engage the Soldiers from multiple positions using rocket propelled grenades, medium machine guns, and other forms of small arms fire. The Soldiers respond by creating space through fire superiority with machine guns and mortar rounds while they wait for air support.

Just ten minutes into the firefight, A-10 support quickly arrives at the scene of the troops in contact. Within minutes of their arrival, they start putting accurate fire on the Taliban positions and push them into an immediate retreat. According to DemonFourSix, the owner of this video, no coalition or civilian casualties occurred during this firefight in Wardak, Afghanistan.


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