Golf Company In Nowzad 2009 – Operation Khanjar

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Golf Company 2/3 with Task Force Leatherneck in 2009.

Nowzad was a wasteland in 2009 when the Marines of Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines arrived. Completely abandoned by civilian populace, this area was one of the only “Free-Fire Zones” in all of Afghanistan. These boys fought their hearts out, laying the ground work for follow on operations such as “Cobra’s Anger”, which brought the area back into coalition control.

Here’s a mashup of their deployment, through the eyes of an individual squad.

Golf Company 2/3 patrolled the streets of Nowzad as a part of the 17,000 troop increase in Southern Afghanistan. They arrived in late May of 2009 as a part of Taskforce Leatherneck in order to relieve Marines from 3rd Battalion 8th Marines.

Upon their arrival into the area of operations, they learned that they would be bottle-necked into ranger file formations for much of the deployment. I.E.D density in the area was astounding, causing most patrols to be extremely limited in what they could do. The Marines quickly learned that the only way to move was with a mine detector in front, and following immediately in the footsteps of the Marine before them.

Golf Nowzad

In spite of this the Marines of Golf Company 2/3 took the reigns, and brought the fight to the enemy. Participating in Operation Khanjar, a major offensive that was part of the 17,000 troop increase in the area. Their first objective as a company was to gain control of Dahaneh Pass to the south. A 3 day battle ensued with the Taliban, leading to the destruction of a DShK heavy machine gun, 22 Taliban fighters, and a major Taliban stronghold.


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