Golden Division: Iraq’s Battle Proven Special Forces

first published on July 9, 2019 by

During Iraq’s battle to retake the country from the clutches of ISIS, the Golden Division, Iraq’s special forces, did the heavy lifting and took heavy losses in some of the nastiest urban battles to ever take place.

golden division

They were advised and assisted by US Army Rangers and Kurdish special forces, although they were not Kurds themselves. The unit composition was highly unlikely, but the results were brutally effective.

The Golden Division crushed the Islamic State in Fallujah and then Mosul. In order to do so, they leveled entire cities with the help of US artillery and Iraqi and Western aviation units. They were in constant danger as massive car bombs exploded on their lines daily and every other house and street was booby trapped.

While their “special forces” designator may not rival the training and combat application abilities of any Western special ops units, these men were absolute hammers that separated themselves from other Iraqi units by their sheer determination to crush the enemy.