One in a Million: Iraqi Soldier Survives Gnarly Headshot

first published on March 5, 2018 by

An Iraqi Soldier is shot in the head while fighting near the city of Mosul. This is the helmet cam footage of his treatment. Credit for this video goes to Mosul Medic on YouTube. You can view his channel at this link, and check out some of the other videos he has uploaded from his time volunteering as a medic in the fight against the Islamic State. Some of this stuff is graphic by nature, but it’s extremely well put together stuff.

gnarly 1

An unknown number of people from western nations volunteered in the fight against the Islamic State. Many of those individuals are still down range today assisting the YPG in their trials with Turkey and the remnants of the terror organization ISIS. Of those many volunteers, quite a few of them decided to bring along GoPro or other action type camera systems with them to document their experience, and bring back a first person perspective that regular media sources are unable to capture. Mosul Medic is a YouTube channel that appears to have done just that, but from the view point of a combat medic conducting work in extremely austere conditions.

On his YouTube channel there are a number of different videos that showcase the work he did in Iraq. Almost all of that work is done on combat related trauma, and under the worst possible conditions to be conducting first-aid. We don’t know much about Mosul Medic, as his YouTube channel doesn’t really disclose much information about him. That said, we’re going to showcase some of his content today because we think it is worth your time. It’s interesting to see how things in Iraq unfolded from the perspective of a combat medic who, as far as we know, volunteered to operate in some of the worst conditions imaginable.

Gnarly 2

While the video we are showing you today shows the Mosul Medic working on an Iraqi Soldier who was shot in the head, there is quite a bit more to see on his channel. In his preview video, you get a good concept of what Mosul looked like during the battle with the Islamic State. You can also see just how desperate the Iraqi Army was when it came to the need for medical experience, as Mosul Medic was thrown directly into some front line trauma care situations and his experience was needed in a number of mass casualty situations. We could be totally off-base, and Mosul Medic could be an Operations Inherent Resolve soldier who managed to get his GoPro footage out under the premise of training, but our assumption as of right now is that he was a volunteer on the ground. We will reach out to him, and blog more about his journey when we can.

To Mosul Medic: If you are reading this, we would love for you to reach out and contact us. Your channel is phenomenal, and we would love more information on some of the content so that we can blog future videos with more context given to the situations and circumstances you were in. Please feel free to message our Facebook page to let us know, we hope to hear from you soon so we can assist you in telling your story and getting your information distributed to the right people.


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