GMLRS Sends Taliban Bodies Flying: Narrated By British Troops

first published on December 14, 2017 by

A video filmed by British Forces in Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2008 shows a GMLRS firing into a group of Taliban outside of an underground defensive position.

British troops gather around a computer screen and watch as unsuspecting Taliban fighters toil to cache weapons and ammunition and improve their fighting position. Suddenly, a high explosive munition lands in the middle of the group of insurgents. Multiple bodies are launched as the Brits cheer at the sight of their enemy’s demise.

As the dust begins to settle, a few “squirter” Taliban survivors make a run for it. They must have been luckily underground at the time of the blast. The Brits almost sound angry that some managed to escape.

The Guided Multi Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) is incredibly accurate and can be delivered to a precise point target out to 70 kilometers. The rocket carries a 196-pound warhead with an adjustable fuze, allowing it to detonate quickly on impact, proximity “air burst” that will explode just off the ground to kill those entrenched but with no overhead cover, or a delayed fuze option that penetrates into the ground before detonating, which is used for bunker busting or danger close fire missions where the warhead will be landing close to friendly troops. The GMLRS gives the MLRS, known for massive “carpet bombing” impact areas, versatility and allows for reduced risk of collateral damage.

British conventional troops finally withdrew from Afghanistan after 13 years of fighting. UK troops were heavily involved in Helmand province, and at one point had 137 bases and around 9,500 service members deployed in the province at one time. A total of 456 UK troops were killed in Afghanistan.


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