Graphic: Western Volunteers Rescue Little Girl Hiding Among Dead Civilians

first published on June 18, 2017 by

Members of the Free Burma Rangers rescue a little girl hiding among dead bodies during a raging gun battle with ISIS inside of Mosul.

During a raging gun fight with ISIS, western volunteers with the group Free Burma Rangers, rescue a small girl that is hiding among the dead and mangled bodies of civilians. The girl was trapped in the crossfire between Islamic State Snipers and the Iraqi Army when aid worker David Eubank, a former Special Operations medic, braved the gun fire to come to her rescue.

The Free Burma Rangers are known as a group similar to The Doctors Without Boarders. Only they carry guns, and run directly towards the sound of chaos in some of the world’s most war torn locations to save the innocent. They are a group comprised of some of the most experienced battlefield triage experts on Earth, and they do the work that most people wouldn’t even attempt.

The little girl was hiding near a group of dead civilians, who had been cut down by ISIS snipers as they tried to flee their burning neighborhoods. Their bodies were stacked up near a long abandoned Pepsi factory inside of Mosul. The picture below is a close up of the scene, as the terrible images in the video aren’t shown well enough to do the scene’s horror justice.


The video below is of Eubank braving the hail of enemy gun fire in order to get to the girl, and bring her to safety. If you would like to assist in the evacuation of civilians from the fighting in Mosul, here is a link in order to donate to the cause.


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