“Approach Like A Ghost” South Korean Special Forces

first published on January 28, 2018 by

“Approach like a Ghost, Strike like Thunder, Vanish like Smoke.” Here is a high intensity motivational video highlighting various units of the ROK special forces.

The Republic of Korea special forces units are trained by, and modeled after, the United States’ special operations teams.

In a highly publicized move, South Korea recently reorganized their “Black Panther” 13th Special Mission Brigade into the “Assassination” or “Decapitation Brigade,” with the intended purpose of targeting and killing key figures of the North Korean military leadership, to include dictator President Kim Jong Un.

Members of ROK’s SOF teams are among the most elite operators in the world and are well trained in all aspects of both conventional and asymmetrical warfare. While some specialize in SCUBA water insertions, others may be HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) parachutists, and considering their geographical existence on a peninsula, both capabilities are extremely relevant to taking on impending threats to their nation.

Included in their various skill set are tasks such as: direct action raids and assaults, special reconnaissance and information operations, assassination operations against high value targets, guerrilla warfare, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, demolition, and fire support.

Should the ongoing escalations with North Korea lead to kinetic military conflict, South Korea’s highly competent military would be able to shoulder more than their share of the task.