“Ghost Disease” Ravaging North Koreans Near Nuke Sites

first published on December 4, 2017 by

Kim Jong Un’s compulsion for nuclear dominance is having disastrous effects on the North Korean people living in close proximity to nuclear testing sites. The people are calling the radiation related sicknesses and deaths “Ghost Disease.”

Reports of bodies floating in rivers, deformed babies being born with hideous mutations, and an accelerated death rate are the norm around the Punggye-ri underground nuclear test site near Mount Mantap.

The locals are not only starved of sustenance but of information as well. Most of them are unable to comprehend that these mysterious “Ghost Disease” symptoms are from radiation poisoning, directly linked to the nuclear program.

Those finding out the truth are the defectors, making it out of the country. They have learned that the repeated underground blasts have weakened the geological structure around the site, which has allowed radiation to escape toward the surface, into the water table, and into the wells of the local population.

The Punggye-ri underground nuclear test facility was just recently highlighted in the news when one of their tunnels collapsed, instantly killing 100 people, and an additional 100 died in the subsequent rescue operation attempt. The collapse came soon after North Korea’s sixth nuclear detonation. The catastrophe was chalked up to “Tired Mountain Syndrome” in which the repeated blasts compromised the integrity of the surrounding geological structure. This is the exact same reason for the poisoning of the local people.

The well-being of the country’s people has never been a priority for a North Korean dictator. To Kim Jong Un, the death and sickness of his own people are necessary in his madman’s attempt to attain nuclear dominance and hold the United States ransom.

Keeping that in mind, North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program has been progressing rapidly under Un. Last week’s successful test of their newly developed Hwasong-15 missile has the leaders of Russia, China, and the United States scrambling to come up with a solution that doesn’t leave giant, smoldering radiated craters across the face of the Earth.

Their new intercontinental ballistic missile has substantially more powerful rocket engines than anything they’ve previously developed, which experts say can strike anywhere in the U.S. mainland. The missile is also capable of carrying a very large payload, capable of carrying incredible destructive power as well as several inert decoy devices to confuse and overwhelm missile defense systems. If North Korea can develop the technology for allowing their weapons to reenter the atmosphere accurately, the Hwasong-15 would likely be unstoppable.

The following video shows historical underground nuclear tests conducted by the United States. The video is intended to give the viewer a visual representation of how underground nuke tests are done.


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