Georgia Caretakers Stole $68,000 From Disabled Veteran

first published on May 17, 2016 by

A disabled veteran’s caretakers stole $68,000 from him in order to pay for electronics, expensive jewelry, and a vacation to Florida.

A Cartersville, GA couple was recently arrested after they stole $68,000 from a disabled veteran’s bank account. They were charged with over 100 counts of fraud, dating back to 2015, after an investigation was launched.

The fraudulent charges were spent on expensive jewelry, car service, electronics, and items purchased while the couple was on vacation in Florida.

Stacey Lanette Yarbrough, 45, and Leonardo Antoine Yarbrough, 42, were arrested Monday, and taken to the Bartow County Jail by the Sheriff’s department after the county Sheriff was tipped off by the disabled veteran’s attorney.

Couple stole From Disabled Veteran

The couple ran an adult care center for men that the disabled veteran was being housed at. When the care center burned down, the man was released back to his family. The family noticed the fraudulent, and unapproved charges on his bank account and contacted an attorney. An investigation was launched, and the couple was arrested. They are currently sitting in jail, pending a criminal investigation.


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