Violence Break Out in Gaza: Dozens Killed in Clashes Between Palestinians and the IDF

first published on May 14, 2018 by

At least 52 have been killed today after violent clashes broke out in Gaza between Palestinians and Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Tensions flared over the official relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem – Palestinian’s accused the IDF of carrying out a massacre and the Israeli’s accused the Palestinian militant group Hamas of using the protests as a ruse to cross illegally into Israeli territory.

At least 52 Palestinians were killed in Gaza today and more than 2,200 wounded – According to the BBC, “The death toll makes Monday the deadliest day since the start six weeks ago of a series of protests dubbed the “Great March of Return”, along the Israel-Gaza border fence.”

The Palestinian protestors in the besieged Gaza Strip attempted to breech the highly fortified fence and border separating the isolated enclave from Israel as part of this “Great March of Return” movement. “More than 100 Palestinian fatalities have been reported over those six weeks.”

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The IDF dropped tear gas from drones and fired live ammunition at the thousands of assembled protesters along the border fence with Israeli territory. “The Israeli military said “rioters” threw firebombs and explosive devices at the fence and at Israeli soldiers deployed nearby, prompting them to respond with live fire”

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They added, “The military accused the Palestinian militant group Hamas of using the protests as cover to try to cross illegally into Israeli territory and launch attacks”

The video below is a collection of today’s events via Twitter from both perspectives of the Palestinian protestors and the IDF.


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