8 Futuristic Weapons Currently In Development

first published on August 26, 2018 by

There is nothing like war to spur advancements in military arms technology. As we approach our third decade of continuous conflict, the battlefield continues to evolve and so do the tools we use to fight. The following video shows eight futuristic weapons currently in the development phase that will give us the edge on our opponents for years to come.

futuristic weapons

1. Biodesign Synthetic Organism – DARPA project to produce indefinitely living organisms.

2. MAHEM – Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition – basically a man portable railgun shaped charge launcher.

3. Free Electron Laser – Navy project designed to intercept anti ship projectiles.

4. HELLADS – High Energy Liquid Laser Air Defense System – A laser defense system so compact and light that it can be fitted to or within aircraft without negatively affecting maximum payload, maneuverability, or fuel range.

5. Railgun – Electromagnetic charge launches projectiles at incredible velocities. Cheap and clean to fire. Devastating accuracy and impacts.

6. Hybrid Insect (MEMS) – Attaching a micro mechanical computer system to a living insect or similar organism allows the user to control the insect via electrical impulses. The result will be tiny reconnaissance drones that can infiltrate almost anywhere undetected.

7. DREAD Silent Weapon – Fires 120,000 accurate rounds per minute. Fires electric impulses of adjustable intensity. No recoil. No fouling carbon. Silent. Nearly undetectable. This is the pinnacle of futuristic weapons.

8. XM-25 Grenade Launcher (Punisher) – A “smart” 25mm airburst grenade launcher. Although still in development, the project has been plagued by program delays and financial overruns, causing the Army to kill their contract with Orbital ATK Inc.


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