Funker Was Hacked, but There Are HUGE Updates Coming!

first published on August 31, 2020 by

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the status on all things Funker, and I wanted to get everyone up to speed on what’s been happening behind the scenes, and what I have planned for the rest of 2020.

For the past 3 years I’ve been working on getting our new website launched, which will completely replace the basic blog style site we currently have. It’s been an uphill battle, but I recently hired a veteran owned development team to take over the project, and the plan is to have the new site live in less than 2 months.

The first big change we made this year was switching our video provider, which is much cheaper and reliable. So far it seems as though it is working well on almost every device after we worked out some of the bugs, but there is one major issue everyone needs to be aware of. Most ad blockers will block our entire video player, and not just the pre-roll ads that play. This is outside of our control, and the only solution I’ve found is to whitelist in your ad blocker. We’ve removed all spammy ad servers from our site, and made our pre-roll ads skippable, so your site experience should still be very fluid without one.

Another hurdle we hit a few weeks ago was our site being infected with some form of malware, and visitors were being re-directed to a spam site. We had to take the site down for a couple days, but after a fresh install and cleaning by the Bitmotive team, everything has been running smoothly again. I apologize for the confusion and frustration that caused!

Below is a full list of improvements I have made to the current site as of today, while we wait for the new site to be completed:

1. Removed the 3rd party ads from below the articles, thanks to our direct advertisers like AK9I.

2. Cleaned up the sidebar which now only shows the most popular 15 articles from the last week.

3. Optimized the site, which should make it run slightly faster on most devices.

4. Removed old plugins that were cluttering up the site.


The new site is infinitely better than our current one, built from scratch, and focuses much more on an optimized video layout and properly categorized and organized videos.

The features that are already finished and coming in the initial launch will include:

1. The ability to subscribe to categories with your stand alone Funker account, and the option to be notified via email when new content in those categories is added. Accounts will require no personal information other than an email address and username.

2. A veteran content area, where veteran content creators from all genres can have their content featured to the Funker community. Unlike YouTube, your videos won’t be buried under millions of others, and vets can be guaranteed that their content will reach their intended audience. After the site launches, I will begin onboarding veteran content creators to have their content featured.

3. Optional NSFW filters for your account.

4. Rather than just having basic video descriptions, the video description area will include full articles with images, and in some cases even additional embedded video content to provide more context to the situations portrayed.

5. Stand alone Funker comment system for those who want to remain anonymous while discussing videos and articles.

6. A very clean layout and user experience, on par with YouTube in my opinion.

7. Onboarding more writers and content creators to report on breaking news and videos more quickly.

8. After the full site launch, a mobile app will be our next priority.

Sometimes I wonder how you’ve all managed to put up with all the delays and slow progress over the years, but please know that I’m making a hard push to bring our community into the end of 2020 with a fresh start and more tight knit community.

Please keep the feedback coming in the comments, or message the page if you still run into any technical issues using our site.