Fun Fire-team CQB Drill Video From Polenar Tactical

first published on November 15, 2018 by

A Fire-team close quarters battle drill video produced and created by the awesome Slovenian Firearms channel Polenar Tactical.

Sometimes, all you need to get through to the end of the week is an excellent video. One of my personal go to channels to find excellent videos is Polenar Tactical, and here’s why. These guys and gal create content that is always full of productive realistic rehearsals of combat scenarios. They add no fluff, no shock, no awe. Just well-produced shooting content that shows shooters doing what shooters do best. Shooting.

A lot of firearms content has evolved over the past few years into something that is completely unrecognizable, and honestly quite stupid. This evolution has been a product of pushing the envelope farther and farther in order to gain the value of shock and awe in order to garnish more views from an ever increasing and competitive content creation market-place.

While there are dozens upon dozens of excellent channels to get your firearms content from, Polenar Tactical is my personal favorite. The crew there manage to do a great job of balancing their reviews, humor based content, and realistic shooting drills while not losing touch with themselves and what makes them such an amazing firearms channel. They also get bonus points because Ziga force fed me Vodka on the SHOT show floor.

With all of that said, here is a no non-sense fire-team CQB drill that shows the crew at Polenar Tactical working their way through a warehouse scenario that they built.


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