New Full-Color Night Vision Technology Will Blow Your Mind

first published on January 18, 2019 by

New night vision technology unveiled by Sierra Pacific Innovations Corp. allows the user to see full-color imagery during periods of darkness.

night vision

SPI, produces thermal imaging and night vision devices for the US military and Department of Homeland Security. They sell to the civilian market as well.

The impressive video was filmed at midnight, using their x27 system. It amplifies light 85,000 times to achieve the stunning full-color imagery. The current x27 system is said to be the size of a small camcorder, and therefore not applicable to the individual combat troop at this time, but it’s not far off.

Color night vision would have many benefits over current mono-color devices. Target acquisition and discrimination would improve in both accuracy and timeliness for warfighters, and combat medics would be able to differentiate between body fluids while operating on a patient. Infantrymen would be able to use colored smoke at night to maneuver on the enemy with a greater situational awareness and lowered risk of fratricide.

Sierra Pacific Innovations Corp., feel free to overnight me a device for further promotion of the product. 😉


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