Drone Footage: Full Out Assault Against Regime Positions

first published on July 14, 2016 by

Fighters with al-Nusra conduct a full out assault against regime positions in Mallah, Syria. They lose all of this ground overnight.

The battle lines seem to shift lighting fast in Syria. This drone footage was taken just a few days ago, as Nusra fighters overran a number of SAA positions in Mallah, Syria. While conducting the attack, they use armor, technical vehicles, and a lot of really terrible infantry tactics. Regardless of the horrible infantry maneuvers, they manage to over run the SAA fairly quickly.

Within just a few days of this video however, the regime was able to move in and reclaim the positions. This conflict is showing no signs of slowing up any time soon, but at least we got this pretty amazing drone footage out of the deal. Make sure you take note of how terrible the fighters are in the short GoPro footage at the end. Also note how terribly the armor is utilized throughout the entire advance.

We might find ourselves going toe to toe with these guys for roughly 21 days in the near future. It’s important to see how they operate.


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