FSA Rebels Spray SAA Infantry During Drive-By in Syria

first published on March 29, 2018 by

Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels pull off a drive-by style shooting in Syria. Plowing aimlessly through enemy Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions and spraying them at close range in this lively but aggravating GoPro footage.

The FSA’s “Second Army” has released a short but intense GoPro video of a drive-by style attack directed against regime troops. This particular FSA brigade operates in northeast Hama province according to the FSA website. The territory is a part of the hotly contested Idlib rebel pocket and has seen a recent escalation of clashes between various rebel groups and the SAA. The regime troops initially surged into the region advancing towards the Abu Duhur Airbase and threatening to sever the pocket in two.

However, this opening momentum has somewhat faded, and the SAA operation inadvertently created a loose alliance of both moderate and extremist factions in the area. Unified against the regime penetration, rebels and terrorists alike have been launching coordinated attacks against the flanks of the SAA axis of advance. Putting pressuring on supply lines and threatening to cut-off and trap the lead regime elements.

This video is possible from one of these recent attacks near Idlib but is plagued by edits and an overall lack of context for the entire incident. It’s filmed from the helmet cam perspective of an open roofed and cramped FSA armored vehicle – a lone gunner wielding an AK instead of the clearly visible and accessible PKM. He begins by infuriatingly missing two easy targets at just a few meters distance. To hide this barefaced ineptitude, the video immediately jumps to several more exposed and fleeing SAA troopers.

The vehicle charges forward and the video then display a silly sighting graphic with the term “lock on”, just as the gunner again pathetically misses all three tangos. Now engaged from several sides, the gunner is hit and falls back wounded and screaming into the vehicle. Again, the video conveniently jumps to what is presumably a second GoPro donning rebel, who assumes the up-gun position. The FSA vehicle continues to drive rather aimlessly, the gunner firing wildly, and enemy rounds continue to bounce off the armor. The video ends quickly and disappointingly, having missed multiple golden opportunities to easily kill the enemy. Had these guys put a little more time into their weapons handling abilities rather than their video editing skills, they would have left SAA corpses littered on the field instead of taking casualties themselves.