Untrained FSA Fighters “Attack” Syrian Arab Army Position

first published on August 29, 2018 by

Members of the Free Syrian Army attempt to attack a Syrian Arab Army position inside of a factory located in Daraa, but have no idea what to do.


There has been an ever-present lack of leadership, training, and tactics throughout the Syrian Civil War that can be seen from all sides of the conflict. Evidence of this is found in almost every piece of footage coming from the region. So much in fact, that when a group of fighters seems trained it is always note-worthy footage from groups like Malhama Tactical, Hamas, or Al-Qaeda, and generally shows them quickly overwhelming a position through their ability to actually conduct warfare.

In the video featured at the bottom of this article, we get to see what a vast majority of the Civil War in Syria actually looks like. Small groups of kids, ranging between 15 and 28, picking up cheap Kalashnikov style weapons and maneuvering themselves into attack positions. Often, they’re found absolutely halted at the first point of friction, blind firing around corners and walls hoping to hit something. Their uniforms and equipment range from Adidas track suits to Chinese made air soft gear they found on eBay while they manage to fire multiple rocket propelled grenades in their enemy’s general direction.

More often than not, battles in the Syrian Civil War are comprised of two groups of fighters taking up support by fire positions and shooting at each other until one side runs out of ammunition and retreats. Neither side makes an attempt to maneuver or gain ground against their enemy, instead opting to use their support by fire position as the assault position before moving off of the battlefield back to safety. This stalemate is dragging out the conflict, and with neither side really trained or prepared to conduct full-scale operations against their enemy, it means that there is no end in sight.


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