FSA Continues Wasting Precious Expensive Resources

first published on June 28, 2016 by

Members of The Mountain Hawks Brigade of the Free Syrian Army are wasting resources on what they say is an ISIS technical vehicle.

Who at the CIA is currently looking at these videos that our moderate rebel allies are submitting? Someone at the CIA office is watching this video, and saying “Yeah, that totally seems like a Daesh technical. Legitimate military target, guys, let’s load up 30 more TOWs for The Mountain Hawks. We are totally defeating the ideology of radical Islam.” Meanwhile in Iraq, our allies the Kurds can’t even get a belt of heavy machine gun ammo.

We need to take a strong look at this and evaluate the situation. The CIA is funding, and supplying moderate rebels who scream “Aloha Snackbar,” after every hit on a farmer’s truck, meanwhile a few days ago we saw a video of a Kurdish position getting rammed by a Daesh SVBIED, because they had zero anti-armor capabilities on the ground.


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