M1A1 Takes Direct Frontal Hit From Daesh Anti-Tank Missile

first published on October 14, 2016 by

During an Iraqi Army armored advance, an ISIS anti-tank missile team sets up an ambush. They score a direct frontal hit on an Iraqi M1A1.

While conducting an armored advance against ISIS positions in Iraq, an Iraqi Army armored group is ambushed by a Daesh ATGM team. It is unclear which type of ATGM was used, but judging from the sound, and the flight path of the missile, it was either a Konkurs or Fagot missile.

In the original release of the video, ISIS claimed that this was video confirmation of them destroying an Iraqi M1A1. This would be a huge success for them, as the armor has been decimating their forces throughout Iraq. With that said however, it is convenient that this is a direct frontal hit, and the video cuts before any type of true battle damage assessment can be done by the viewer.

My thoughts on the situation: The attack may have temporarily jarred the crew inside of the tank by rocking them back and fourth a little bit, and it is very possible that the tank commander manning the exposed .50 cal was killed by the blast. Based on the location of the hit, what we know about the M1A1’s frontal armor, and the two possible weapons systems used, this tank is most likely still functioning today.


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