Hit or Miss? Sniper’s Engage Targets on the Front in Ukraine

first published on January 22, 2018 by

Hit or Miss? Three videos of sniper’s engaging hostile targets on the static front in Ukraine. Considering the debate in a usual comment thread after one of these video’s – ready, set, go…

The first video in the quick montage gives us our most unobstructed view and best quality footage. A lone target skylines himself on the front lines in a sandbag entrenchment. Unaware he’s being observed by a sniper with a powerful weapon, he scans the opposing side with his AK.

The camera jolts as the large caliber round is fired and appears to strike right next to its intended target, seemingly exploding as it hits the fortification. The tango quickly disappears below the parapet, likely shaken but still alive.

The second video like the first, is on a static front in a wooded area with two opposing trench lines separated by a no-man’s land. The opposing defenses look like several piles of dirt and conceal at least one enemy tango. Drawn to some barely visible movement behind the dirt, the cameraman holds until suddenly a rifle and then shooter emerge.

The newly appeared tango begins firing his rifle, adjusting and engaging in several directions. He then nearly squares towards the cameraman, aimed in on his weapon and firing round after round. Just at that moment, the sniper lets off a round and the target disappears from view. Possible hit and certainly having had a close-call, the cameraman lets out a triumphal yell.

The final video appears as if the enemy redoubt may be some kind of forward observation post. Nestled and concealed in some high grass and brush, it’s difficult to see much of anything at this distance. However, some movement in the position becomes visible through the natural camouflage.

The sniper and cameraman immediately identify this foolhardy movement and perceptible get excited. The tango appears as if he may be working on a crew served weapon, leaned forward and exposed from the chest up. The sniper fires, jolting the target straight back in a frozen moment before disappearing below the parapet.

These types of videos become a breeding ground for conjecture and speculation in the comment section. Did the target get hit? Was it just a really close call? Did his head explode or was he just wounded? Let us know what you guys think, comment below…