Danish Frogmen In Maritime Gun Battle With Pirates

first published on April 12, 2018 by

An English-subtitled video from Denmark’s DR TV shows an intense maritime gun battle while being narrated by an anonymous Danish special operations frogman that was there.

maritime gun battle

The elite troops intend to search a suspected pirate vessel at night. They attach their patrol boat to the ship and immediately identify an armed target. They kill him, which quickly triggers an intense, close range gun battle.

One of the operators is shot in the head, but his helmet saves his life. Tracers light up the night, and FLIR footage from the mother ship shows rounds spraying in all directions.

The frogmen assess the risks of continuing the fight and decide to break contact. They put distance between themselves and the pirate vessel while still lighting it up with a high volume of direct fire.

The pirate ship crew makes a panicked race for the shore. They run aground and the surviving pirates bail overboard and run into a nearby village to hide.


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