Fresh Combat Footage From The Forgotten War In Afghanistan

first published on March 24, 2017 by

Fresh combat footage out of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, the home of the Islamic State’s Afgh/Pak arm, shows Afghan Special Forces accompanied by various US military units during mounted operations.

Based on the various weapons heard and shown being used, i.e. MK-47 (Striker 40), FGM-148 Javelin, and an unseen truck-mounted minigun, it’s safe to say that US Special Operations troops were present and “advising and assisting” in the mission as well.

Rarely is the ongoing war in Afghanistan mentioned in Western media, and it’s not because the conflict has fizzled out or the enemy has been subdued. There are still 8,000-10,000 US troops in the country, considerably more than US troop presence in Iraq and Syria combined. In reality, Afghanistan is an undeclared failed state, ran by Taliban and Islamic State shadow governments just about everywhere but the major population centers.

In fact, as of yesterday, the infamous Sangin district in Helmand province is now completely controlled by the Taliban, even though thousands of Afghan Police and Soldiers, bolstered by US Special Operations troops and US airstrikes, tried to stop them.


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