French Infantry Get Ambushed In Afghanistan

first published on September 5, 2018 by

A video from 2010 out of eastern Afghanistan’s Kapissa Province shows French infantry troops on a foot patrol and reacting to a Taliban ambush.

french infantry

The helmet cam footage follows soldiers of the French 13th Chasseurs Alpins Battalion (13e BCA) of the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade. They have just finished a presence patrol and were on their way back to the vehicles when they come under direct hostile fire.

The French infantry troops cooly seek cover while returning fire to suspected enemy locations. They communicate to work out the next plan of action. They decide that their best bet is to immediately get out of the kill zone and get to higher ground.

They bound across the river to place a major terrain feature between themselves and the enemy and begin ascending the opposite hillside where they have cover and concealment from mud walls. The entire time they are under direct fire by enemy forces. The sound of automatic incoming fire is ever-present.

Soon they reach a hilltop and begin providing suppressing fire for their still-climbing comrades. After they fire a few rockets, the amount of incoming enemy fire eases significantly. As the video ends, a close air support attack helicopter can be heard pounding the insurgents’ positions. Great work by the French troops.