French Foreign Legion In Contact With The Taliban

first published on February 21, 2016 by

The French Foreign Legion conducts combat operations in Afghanistan to root out Taliban insurgents in support of OEF.

Established in 1831, the French Foreign Legion is a unique branch of service. Comprised primarily of non-native French individuals who want to serve in the French military, they are considered one of the toughest branches of military in the world.

They are unique as a unit because their focus is not only on military operations, but also esprit de corps. As they are made up of individuals from around the world, it is this esprit de corps that keeps them together.

All though they fight for France, the individuals do not swear allegiance to the nation. Instead they swear allegiance to The Legion itself.

If you want more information on joining this group, you can read about the process here. However, if you are weak in heart, mind, and body, I wouldn’t bother. This organization isn’t for you.


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