Free Burma Rangers Rescue Wounded During Syrian Battle

first published on November 4, 2019 by

Free Burma Rangers operating near Tel Tamir in northeastern Syria come under tank fire while trying to rescue wounded personnel from a trench during a gun battle on November 2, 2019.

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The video was actually filmed and edited by Zau Seng, a Burmese national who operated with the Free Burma Rangers as a medic and cameraman. Zau Seng was killed just one hour after this video was produced when he was struck by mortar fire from Turkish military and TFSA forces.

The video host is David Eubank, a former Green Beret and the founder of the Free Burma Rangers. Eubank claims the Turks have not adhered to the ceasefire at any point and continue to attack villages, creating a human rights catastrophe.

The Free Burma Rangers have operated in Syria, Burma, and Iraq to provide battlefield triage to those effected by the fighting. The Rangers were instrumental in helping civilians escape Mosul during the hellacious final battle in 2017.