Fraud In The VA Healthcare System Goes Unaddressed In Order To Not Offend

first published on April 27, 2017 by

America has paved the way for veterans willing to sell their soul, to come in and collect the money. They are lying about their mental state in an attempt to turn four years of service in to a lifetime without responsibility. This is not about the men and women that deserve our help and sympathy, this is about the ones riding on their coattails, and violating the trust of a nation.


There is a faction of the veteran community that is robbing America blind. These veterans are out there right now preying on the good intentions of the people around them, claiming benefits that they have not earned, and lying about conditions that do not afflict them. Ask any veteran about this and you will likely receive a slow, disgusted, shake of the head in response. The thought makes the skin of most veterans crawl, to think that once good men and women; would sell out with no shame at all. A few trigger words and a couple of tears are all it takes to live life, the rest of their life, on the dime of the American people. These jokers whipped out the tissues and laughed all the way to the bank. They are becoming a necrotic blemish on the backside of the veteran community.

The veterans who are pretending to struggle have overshadowed those that are truly in need. The pressure to correct the VA, and to reach the veterans who are struggling, started a knee jerk reaction that pads the pockets of con artists. The VA is playing a numbers game, the goal being to find as many veterans as possible with mental illness. People crawl out of the woodwork to accommodate them; it is the definition of fraud, difficult and depressing to prove, but fraud all the same.

A Veteran having the audacity to say something like “Uncle Sam expected 110% from me, so now I expect it from him.” is symbolic of the larger issue of fraudulent claims that we have created following the “untreated veteran” crisis. People are literally scamming the VA, and are selling their honor for the payout. The VA in turn welcomes these people because it boosts their numbers, veterans can lie about their mental state so that the VA can lie about the successful identification of untreated veterans. The cries for VA accountability should go hand in hand with cries for veteran accountability, but it doesn’t.

The sale of honor for financial gain is another sign of the victim mentality and welfare state, in the community. The outrage about veterans fraudulently collecting a paycheck should be equal to what we hear when a veteran dies in a waiting room. Don’t think so? Chances are that someone was in a room with a doctor, giving false testimony for a disability check, while that poor bastard died. There is plenty wrong with the VA, and there is plenty of evidence to support its ineptitude. There is also evidence to identify false claims, but it is hidden behind the loyalty of other veterans. As disgusted as many are, most aren’t prepared to walk their comrades to the guillotine, not yet at least.

What these veterans fail to realize is that there is no such thing as a free lunch. During their lifetime there will be an expectation of repayment in some form, or at least verification of their afflictions. PTSD study is still in its infancy, and we are learning more about the realities of this illness. What we learn will help shed the light on fraudulent claims. Uncle Sam doesn’t like to share his money, and will be seeking retribution.

The good intentions of the American people allow fraud to slip by without a second glance; one day that will change. When that day comes, these malingerers will look to their brothers and sisters for sympathy, and they won’t find any. Abuse of the VA is not in keeping with the moral qualities that are cultivated while serving this country. These veterans turned their backs to the rest of the community, and they no longer strive for the same standards. It will be a lonely feeling when the fraud is realized, and they will have only themselves to blame.


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