Daesh Has Won The Coin Toss, They Have Elected To Recieve

first published on November 18, 2015 by

Daesh positions catch French bombs in Raqqa Syria.

Following the terror attacks that rattled Paris on Friday evening, the French Military has stepped up it’s air campaign against Daesh. French air power, operating out of Jordan and UAE, conducted a number of air attacks in Raqqa, Syria Sunday evening.

The targets for these airstrike in Raqqa, Syria were meant to be a symbol for the people of France. While many people in France still mourn the loss of family, and friends, the government of France has wasted no time to begin their attacks in retaliation. It is still unclear as to the affect the bombs have had, but major targets included key pieces of Daesh infrastructure such as the city’s stadium, used by ISIS as both its headquarters and a jail.

Daesh Syria

Personally, I am glad to see France responding in this fashion against Daesh. There is only one way the world can negotiate with these sowers of discord, and that is by speaking their language. The language of violence, death, destruction, and pain, is the only way we will be able to communicate to these animals, that their time is up on this Earth.


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