France And Britain Sending Additional Troops To Syria

first published on July 10, 2019 by

France and Britain will be sending additional troops to Syria to bolster US forces as they withdraw from the embattled nation.


The two nations will likely commit a temporary 10 to 15 percent increase of troop numbers. The timeframe of the deployments and the duration has not been released.

Italy is currently deciding whether they will send some of their own troops, and the Balkan states have committed some of their own troops, although very few in numbers.

The US has an estimated 2,000 troops currently in Syria and are planning on withdrawing all but 400. France and the UK each have an estimated 250 troops in the country.

Germany opted out of the US request to send ground forces, claiming that their reconnaissance aircraft and refueling planes operating in Syria were already enough of a commitment.

The US withdrawal from Syria raises legitimate concerns that the Islamic State will return to fill the power vacuum, much like the disastrous withdrawal of US troops in Iraq in 2011 which resulted in the rise of ISIS.


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