British Founder Of The White Helmets Found Dead In Turkey

first published on November 11, 2019 by

The British founder of the Syrian medical trauma aid group, the White Helmets, has been found dead near his apartment in Istanbul, Turkey earlier today.

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James Le Mesurier, 48, was found dead with fractures to his head and legs after an apparent rapid descent from a balcony. Although local Istanbul officials claim they are conducting a “comprehensive investigation,” his death is already being treated as a suicide.

Mesurier, a former British Army officer, used his Mayday Rescue non profit organization to create and train the Syrian Civil Defence, better known as the White Helmets. The White Helmets are composed of approximately 3,000 volunteers that respond to Assad and Russian airstrikes on residential areas across Idlib, pulling wounded people from the rubble and giving them medical treatment.

Russia has long accused Mesurier of being a British MI6 spy and has also claimed that the White Helmets were nothing more than a front organization whose actual purpose is to facilitate al Qaeda operations against the Russian-backed Assad regime.

An article on The Guardian humored the idea of suicide, citing the “pressure” he was under from the parties attempting to destroy his character. If you can readily swallow the suicide explanation, check out my sale listings for bridges on Facebook Marketplace.

Obviously, Mesurier would be a target of Russian assassins, and if his organization was actually facilitating rebels for Western intelligence as the Russians claim, he would also eventually end up a target of MI6, CIA, etc, to keep that information secret.

Another point to consider is Turkey’s newly budding relationship with Russia as a result of the US withdrawal from many northern Syria fighting positions. Turkish and Russian troops have now carried out their fourth joint patrol as part of a security agreement. A possible unwritten part of that agreement, and the new Turkish-Russian alliance, may have been a request from Russia that Turkey assists with the Mesurier situation.

The following video shows the Russian Air Force deliberately bombing White Helmets at the Sarmin field hospital in northwest Syria in 2015. The airstrike left at least 13 dead, including civilians and hospital staff.


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