Fort Bragg Active Shooter Drill Needs Some Serious Remedial Training

first published on May 7, 2017 by

Fort Bragg conducts an Active Shooter Drill at Gen. Roscoe Robinson Health Clinic, and it shows some serious work needs to be done.

Let’s preface this with the fact that we train to get better at what we’re doing, and what we’re watching is a group of individuals learning to do something that may be outside of their normal set of skills. That said, after you watch this video, you’ll come to the same conclusions that we did. Here’s the video first, there will be more text below it.

Now that we’ve watched that, let’s be brutally honest to the people shown in the video. You only learn by hearing the truth, and in this profession there is no room for feelings. This isn’t a liberal arts college, and you’re not getting a participation trophy for showing up to train.

Weapon’s handling is important. Extremely important when you’re in a situation that can rapidly change like an active shooter scenario. You need to be aware of where your muzzle is pointing at all times, and you need to ensure that at no point in time are you flagging a buddy. If a target presents itself at that time, and you reflexively begin to fire without clearing your front, or if your buddy shifts left or right you could end up with a serious case of fratricide on your hands. Here’s a video representation of that in the form of a South African police officer who accidentally shot his buddy in the back of the head during a gun fight. These things can and do happen and you need to be aware of it because it can happen to you.

There is a million other learning points in this video that can be mentioned. We’ll leave it to the viewers to come up with the rest of those points. I sincerely hope that the team from Fort Bragg gives this video a watch, checks out our comment section for more learning points, and then maybe enlists the help of some of the soldiers on the base to conduct further training.

Remember, amateurs train until they get it right, professionals train until they don’t remember how to do it wrong.


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