Footage Of Turkish Assassination Raises Questions Of Conspiracy

first published on November 30, 2015 by

Video footage featuring the assassination of Tahir Elci, a high-profile Turkish-Kurdish lawyer, is raising serious questions about the implication of Turkey’s government in his murder.


The video shows two supposed gunmen charging down a narrow street towards Elci’s location after a press release. Elci is surrounded by civilian clothes-wearing police officers. The policemen appear to engage the attackers at ridiculously close distances without subduing them.

At one point, a police officer shoots the subject at near-point blank range, and an object appears to bounce off the attacker, raising the question as to whether it was some sort of less-lethal or training round. Regardless, the attacker only briefly flinches and continues on unaffected by the bullets of multiple police officers. Both suspects escape the scene without so much as even leaving a blood trail.


In the next instance, Elci is seen lying dead on the street. Mysteriously, a policeman can be seen switching out one pistol for another, rather than reloading. The unbelievable level of sham in this video screams at an obvious plot.

Elci has been a thorn in the Turkish government’s side for a while. He was an outspoken human-rights lawyer that has worked closely with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, representing cases against the Turkish government. Elci was the Lawyer that represented the Vice News journalists against terror charges that were unfounded and intended to silence the media from reporting on Turkey. More recently, the now dead lawyer had received terror charges of his own for going on CNN and claiming that the Kurdish militant group PKK is not a terror group.


So what do you think? I wasn’t there, but I have watched a lot of combat footage/assassination videos over my time writing for Funker530, and this video screams of shenanigans. Probably even more strange and alarming was the possible recording of Hollywood actor John Stamos at the scene of the incident.


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