Footage of Navy SEALs’ Battling ISIS In Iraq

first published on May 4, 2016 by

We’ve had a number of sources, U.S. military as well as Peshmerga, come forth with information on the yesterday’s battle in which one of our Navy SEALs, Charles Keating IV, was killed in action.

navy seals

Much of the information cannot be verified, however, it will most likely be more factual than whatever PR narrative the Pentagon gives. It’s up to you, the reader, to consider the information and come to your own conclusions after doing follow up research on the info we provided.

The battle took place in the Christian town of Tel Skuf, Iraq, roughly 20 miles north of Mosul. The town was mostly defended by the Christian militia Dwekh-Nawsha, also known as the Ninevah Plain Force. ISIS attacked the town with multiple armored vehicles, some of them were large suicide bomb trucks. The Christian militia was soon overwhelmed by the insurgent’s lightning assault and retreated, leaving ISIS in control of the town.

navy seals

Not wanting ISIS to secure an entrenched foothold on the town, the elite Peshmerga Counter Terror Unit (CTU) accompanied by their Navy SEAL advisors, acted quickly by counterattacking the village, killing dozens upon dozens of Islamic State militants. The SEALs and the CTU were able to violently cleanse the town of ISIS, but at the expense of losing a SEAL and at least 15 Peshmerga fighters.

It was reported that the newly deployed AH-64 Apache attack helicopters took part in the fight, and can be seen in the following video. It was also reported to us by a U.S. troop currently deployed in support of the fight against ISIS that this was the first time the F-16s used their 6-barreled, 20mm Vulcan cannon in Operation Inherent Resolve, also in the following video.