Dramatic Footage of London Cops Killing Muslim Knife Terrorists

first published on June 8, 2017 by

Dramatic footage has emerged showing London cops responding to, and quickly subduing three Islam-fueled, knife-wielding terrorists who were responsible for killing eight people and wounding another 48.

In the video, the attackers can be seen running up to an unsuspecting man and begin savagely slashing and stabbing him. Within seconds the police are one the scene. They exit the vehicle with carbines and are instantly charged by the Muslim terrorists, adding further evidence to the 21-foot-rule. The police are able to shoot down all three of the 3rd world savages in well under 10 seconds.

The Islamists were foreign born, one from Pakistan and two from Morocco. They began their attack by plowing through a busy walkway on London Bridge before they exited and began knifing innocent bystanders. They wore plastic-laden vests to give the appearance that they rigged with explosives. The fact that nobody but the attackers knew the vests were fake, shows the courage and commitment of the responding officers, who threw aside any thoughts of personal safety for the greater security of the community.