Footage Recovered From A Dead Taliban Fighter Gives Rare Perspective

first published on August 31, 2018 by

A camera recovered off the body of a dead Taliban fighter by an American ISAF unit contains immersive footage showing a rare side of the battle… the Taliban’s.

dead taliban fighter

The clips come from a 13-hour battle in the ruggedly mountainous Paktika province of eastern Afghanistan, very near the border of Pakistan. As the footage begins the insurgents can be seen setting up an ambush against a mounted patrol of American troops. The mine resistant armored personnel carriers are being led by a route-clearing mine roller. The ambush is initiated as the vehicles are condensed into a tight switchback.

A firefight breaks out and soon Apache attack helicopters are overhead giving the Americans close air support. The helicopters engage unseen Taliban targets while the cameraman’s element remains undetected by hiding under the canopy of the dense mountain scrub brush.

As the video unfolds, the Taliban continue to withdraw, only they can’t seem to lose the Americans. It is apparent by the sound of close, incoming small arms fire that the bloodthirsty ISAF troops have dismounted from their vehicles and are rapidly pursuing the insurgents up the mountains. The circling Apaches keep the militants pinned down, which allows the American ground troops to close the distance and annihilate them.

Unfortunately the video doesn’t show us the violent demise of the insurgents or the American soldier recovering the camera from the dead Taliban fighter. However, it is comforting to know that they bit off more than they could chew with the Americans who proceeded to hunt them down before cornering and destroying them.