Syrian Defense Force Releases GoPro Footage Of Clashes In Raqqa

first published on August 14, 2017 by

In a recent release from the YPG press office, members of the Syrian Defense Force can be seen in clashes against ISIS for the city of Raqqa.

As the fight for Raqqa continues to intensify by the day, the YPG press office has been on top of releasing footage from the area. Members of the Syrian Defense Force have been rooting out the Islamic State in intense clashes in the IS capital city, and this is just some of the footage that has been made public.

While nothing inside of the video below is extremely exciting, it does seem to show one thing. The SDF is making extreme amounts of progress in Raqqa, and they are removing the Islamic State from their capital city. It will be hard for the group to maintain their attempts at becoming an independent nation of extreme ideals and objectives when they can no longer claim any large area of land as under their control.

This claim to a large patch of Iraq and Syria is what has been setting the group ahead of other terror organizations in the area. Without that claim, they are nothing more than a well organized version of groups like the Taliban or Jabhat al-Nusra. This will cause them to see a decline in their ability to recruit new troops, as well as see them losing the ability to harbor and train more terrorists in broad daylight.


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