Yemeni Sniper Operations Recorded With FLIR Camera

first published on April 15, 2017 by

An alleged Yemeni sniper attacks Saudi Arabian positions in the middle of the night. His entire operation is recorded on a FLIR camera, but is it all fake?


Sometimes, there is no way that we, or any other source can independently verify the legitimacy of footage from combat that is posted to the internet. In this case, our channels have lead us to a video that is allegedly a Yemeni sniper taking out Saudi Arabian troops in the dead of night. Some of the first questions raised in this video are, why is there no blood splatter captured on the FLIR footage, and why is their no recoil present when the rifle fires? We have no truthful answer, as the guys who put this out onto the internet have not surfaced to make a comment on the situation as it was recorded.

We can guess that if this video is real however, the spotter was recording through a FLIR camera, and the optic was not mounted on the rifle. We can also guess that no blood spatter was captured due to the quality of the same FLIR camera that was being used to record the video. With that said, we cannot be truthfully sure of the legitimacy of this video. That’s exactly why we are posting it in this forum. We want to hear your thoughts on this footage back in the comments section on Facebook.

Do you think this is the real deal, or just more propaganda being pushed out into the internet? There is no better audience in the world to view this footage and determine its legitimacy than the Funker530 – Combat Footage audience, which is comprised of millions of combat veterans from around the world.


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