Fleeing Iraqi Forces Attacked By ISIS In Samara

first published on November 25, 2015 by

An extremely close battle sequence, filmed by an ISIS GoPro camera on an unknown date on the west side of the city of Samara, shows Iraqi forces fleeing in up-armored Humvees as Daesh terrorists unload on them with small arms and RPGs.


I picked this video solely on the intensity of the content. However, I will no doubt get my share of hate mail, telling me that by playing ISIS videos, I’m somehow promoting them and making them stronger… which is absolutely ridiculous if you think about it, and I think it may have to do with the current state of news media in which we get to choose how we receive the information so that we are only hearing about issues in such a way that it agrees with our preconceived notions built around synthetic political ideologies. Too bad. This is what’s really going on, and it wouldn’t really be that hard to stop, yet somehow not a whole lot is being done.

At what point in recent history did we go from the need to expose atrocities and evil for the sake of raising awareness and opposition to thinking that ignoring it will somehow make it go away? Try ignoring cancer or even your butt herpes and see if it goes away. It’s something that needs to be accepted and quickly dealt with… even if thinking about it offends your sensitive little self.


We need to continue to see these evil bastards in action until even the most oblivious sports fan and the most docile pacifist understands that there are more important things in life that are currently underway, and that you need to do very bad things to very bad people to get rid of them. By watching these thugs in action, we are learning how they operate. With continued exposure it will eventually come to light who is financing and facilitating them, and based on that information we will be able to harshly punish those that are maliciously benefiting from pushing such evil onto the innocent people of the world. We need to find the source of this illness rather than ignoring it or continuously and futilely treating the symptoms of the larger cause.

At this point I have no choice but to consider myself some sort of conspiracy theorist, because I just can’t accept that the entirety of our Congress, White House, and Pentagon, not to mention our consistently self-weakening allies, are so completely incompetent that we are not only unable to deal with barely literate, tactically clueless, primitive religious zealot idiots, but they are also spreading like a rash across the world’s ass.


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